Thursday, March 11, 2010

Family Room DESIGN

Things You’ll Need:
Coffee Tables
Decorated Boxes
Reading Lamps
Scented Candles
Throw Pillows
Wicker Baskets
Magazine Holders
Step 1:
Minimize tabletop clutter because items just seem to materialize in the family room anyway in the form of reading material, discarded shoes, drinking glasses, toys and so on. One way to contain some of the mess is to place a decorative box on a coffee or end table as a catchall for electronics-equipment remote controls, coasters, stray pens and the like.
Step 2:
Set up a place to stash newspapers and magazines conveniently and neatly. This could be a magazine rack, an ottoman with storage or a big basket.
Step 3:
Arrange books and collectibles creatively if there are bookshelves in the room. Arrange books according to size and color, and intersperse collectibles for maximum attractiveness.
Step 4:
Place a wastebasket handy to seating so you can discard reading material and mail as you finish with it.
Step 5:
Choose lamps that provide ample light for reading. Lamps equipped with a three-way bulb (50-, 100- and 150-watt options) are excellent choices.
Step 6:
Add a large houseplant to soften the look of the room.
Step 7:
Assure comfort by tossing a throw - chenille feels luxurious - onto a chair or sofa for wintertime coziness. Increase year-round lounging comfort with throw pillows.
Tips & Warnings
Add scent with a great candle or potpourri that's changed seasonally - for instance, spice for fall and winter, floral for spring and summer.
Never leave a burning candle unattended.

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